Karen Santos

Karen Santos


Dr. Karen grew up in Toronto, Canada and was raised by hard-working parents. When she was 6, her father graduated from Optometry school and opened his own practice. As a result, she spent many long hours working closely with her father and his patients and developed a deep appreciation for the profession of optometry.

'I watched with admiration as my father developed trusting relationships with his patients. He has always made patient comfort a priority' she said.

It wasn't until she graduated from the University of Waterloo with a bachelor of science that her true professional calling became apparent. Dr. Santos was accepted by Chicago's Illinois College of Optometry hoping to follow in her father's footsteps. In 2004, she graduated magna cum laude.

'I moved to Lexington to expand my clinical experience as a resident at Commonwealth Eye Surgery. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a highly skilled eye surgeon and some well-respected optometrists,' she added.

Dr. Santos concluded her residency and became very eager to practice in the Lexington area.

'The decision to stay in Lexington was easy because I had fallen in love with the beautiful state of Kentucky; as well as, my future husband,' she said. 'I started to practice with a great group of optometrists in a large multi-office practice.

After five years, I realized I was better suited for a smaller, more intimate practice, similar to what I had watched my father build.'

Dr. Santos concluded, 'I live in the Hamburg area with my supportive husband and our two lovely children. I look forward to building long-lasting relationships with my patients and becoming an integral part of the community.'

Karen has been practicing optometry in the Lexington area since 2004.

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